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06 July 2007
weekly reads.
so, tonio asked me to write about this week's reads. so, here you go.

Thor #1
I like it. I like the return of Donald Blake. I like the reverence to the past and, admittedly based on interviews with J. Michael Strkfdsfjkahkfaf, I think the direction he's going will be interesting without fucking up what came before. Clever things abound in an issue without much going on. Self contained, while still leading into issue #2. All in all, a good #1.

Black Canary #1
Surprisingly tight comic. I mean, I knew all the back story, so I can't quite tell if people not informed would be able to follow the references, but I enjoyed it. Little more than that though.

All-Star Superman #8
I'm not one of those guys who was blown away by this series. I mean, it's good comics, but I wasn't hooting and hollering after reading it. But the Jimmy Olsen issue really worked me up because of it's glut of craziness, and so I expected Bizarroworld to do the same, but, eh, there are good moment, but, mostly, it was pretty good. I'm sure when I read the trade I'll get more excited.

Mutant X
So, i found all the back issues of Mutant X so I'm reading them. I think I picked up an issue of this when it came out, #2 or 3 maybe, and i remember kind of liking it. And you know what? I do. It's not making me think differently about anything. And it's no world changer, but it is fun comics. The characters are somehow immediately likable because they are so intensely flawed. Also, while most books seem to need to know where they're going, there's something about the forward pace of this book without looking forward at all that appeals to me. It's definitely written for the issues.
The only complaint about this book, even the weird major shift at the one year mark that seems rushed is okay by me, is that each issue is starts in medias res and then flashes back. I hate that everywhere and here it's in every issue.
Here's the thing though, I don't know if I'd suggest this book to anyone. I like it, but I think I'm just a sucker for alternate worlds. Love em. Always have. They are the place where all logic dies and comics logic begins. LOVE EM. Gimme more alternate worlds!

Haven't read anything else yet. Will update if I do.
03 July 2007
Someone Else Has Probably Already Posted This

But I don't care. It's still sort of awesome.

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According to Beaucoup Kevin Marvel is in talks with Michael Agrusso (responsible for the possibly over exposed Mac/PC ad parodies which pit a Marvel action figures against a DC action figures) to produce similar videos for the Marvel website. It begs two questions:

1. Who would win in an ad? Plastic Thor, or plastic Supmerman?

2. Is overtly insulting a fellow publisher really ok?

Sure stuff like this is great for fans to produce, but have we gone back to the days when Marvel & DC dedicate letters columns to subtely dissing "the competition"?

Then I came across this picture:

All I heard in my head was "Hello. I'm a Gertrude Stein," and I thought that was funny.

In "real" news, Dean Haspiel & Michael Fiffe are bringing Immortal and Panorama to print in October. Image Comics will be printing both strips (which debuted on Act-I-Vate) in a single book simply named Brawl.

Also, Paul Gravett (hearts) Krazy Kat

Oh, and there was this:

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02 July 2007
really good idea.
Tonio told me i had to post about this and a mouse just showed up crawling on my bed so i got really stoned and here you go, marvel and dc, take it or leave it:

The gray Hulk (Mr. Fixit), the extra-mutated Thing (the pineapple one), Kilowog, and Strong Guy all move into an apartment together to be able to afford a place that can accommodate their over-sized frames.

The only fighting that will happen in this book is bickering turned into wrestling between the main characters. We get to learn interesting things about each of them as they're forced to interact with each other constantly. Did you know Strong Guy receives medicinal marijuana for his constant upper body pain? How about that Kilowog's a total bookworm and it's totally gross when he brushes those weird things on his face?

Enjoy watching the lives of these four characters, giant in both size and heart.

I can't stop thinking of scenes where Kilowog and Strong Guy get stoned watching tv. Or where Grey Hulk and the Thing get drunk playing poker. But also surprisingly serious late night conversations like I've often had with room mates. What would mafia enforcer Mr. Fixit talk to genetic scientist Kilowog about at four in the morning? Also, I'm pretty sure every character in this book smokes cigars. Though, now that I think of it, maybe Strong Guy doesn't.

If the world is lucky, I will come up with a pitch for the first year of the book.

Right. There you go, Tonio, now I look the fool.