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03 July 2007

According to Beaucoup Kevin Marvel is in talks with Michael Agrusso (responsible for the possibly over exposed Mac/PC ad parodies which pit a Marvel action figures against a DC action figures) to produce similar videos for the Marvel website. It begs two questions:

1. Who would win in an ad? Plastic Thor, or plastic Supmerman?

2. Is overtly insulting a fellow publisher really ok?

Sure stuff like this is great for fans to produce, but have we gone back to the days when Marvel & DC dedicate letters columns to subtely dissing "the competition"?

Then I came across this picture:

All I heard in my head was "Hello. I'm a Gertrude Stein," and I thought that was funny.

In "real" news, Dean Haspiel & Michael Fiffe are bringing Immortal and Panorama to print in October. Image Comics will be printing both strips (which debuted on Act-I-Vate) in a single book simply named Brawl.

Also, Paul Gravett (hearts) Krazy Kat

Oh, and there was this:

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