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06 June 2007
Veitch vs. Kubert vs. America

Army Times has a profile (of sorts) on Rick Veitch's new Army@Love title. The article is particularly of note, since in it Joe Kubert comments not only on Veitch, his former student, but the book whose title is derivative of his own Our Army at War. It's interesting to note that, judging from the comments in the article, that both cartoonist - possibly two of the finest cartoonists of their respective generations - have the utmost respect for each other, and are very respectful in their disagreement (Kubert does not agree with Army@Love's position on war, apparently). It's also interesting that the article covers Veitch's short tenure as the back-up story artist on Sgt. Rock, as part of a deal Kubert struck with DC Comics to get his students work.

Link via Journalista

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