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12 June 2007
This Is Weird

For anyone reading either of these blogs...

I used to have a personal blog entitled ResonTence. It was pretty stupid, but I got a bit of traffic due to my exorbitant amount comic book related posts. Good times. Good times.

Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, I no longer maintain that blog. That's essentially what I've created these two separate blogs for - one for discussing comics, and the other for discussing...well, mostly science fiction I guess, but in theory I get to discuss other things (like this, which might as well be science fiction, but it's not...)

What does any of this have to do with anything?

Well someone re-registered the blogger URL that I was using before, as well as the blog's title/name. All of this is pretty amusing to me since, as far as I know, it's a word I made up when I was drunk.

When you visit the URL in your browser, nothing pops up though (except that wretched pistachio background thing), but in my RSS reader a post entitled Prescription drug purchasing pool when an employer..., written by "Steve" pops up.

For anyone occasionally bothering to visit the old URL, this is not me. I wish I had this man's access to the bevy of prescription medication, but no, this is not me. I don't review drugs. My name is also not "Steve".

Call me paranoid, but all of this is a bit hard to believe. Why on earth would anyone register the URL for a blogger account that includes a word I made up on a whim? Is it possible that that person thought they were making up the same word? Were they drinking the same thing I was when I made it up?

It's a bit odd to say the least. I'm going to refrain from making any assumptions that don't include coincidence, but it still creeps me the fuck out.

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