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20 June 2007
Flash #13
This just went down at the comic store:

Mark: Captain America dies, you saps all pour in. The Flash dies, nobody cares.

Dude: That's because nobody cares about Barry Allen. We're talking Steve Rogers, here.

Me: Actually, it's Bart Allen.

Dude: Good. So the whole Allen line is dead. They'll just kill another one next year.

Other Dude: What about his brother, Larry?

Claire: Didn't he pitch for the Sox?

I don't care how many times I see it. I don't care if they release nothing but 13 issues of the Flash dying. I will fucking cry each time, man.

There are only two things I get super fanboyish about (some would dispute that):

  1. The Flash
  2. Doctor Who
Thank you, Mark Guggenheim, for giving us Bart Allen fans the ending we deserve. Without spoiling anything, if you are a fan of the Flash legacy, regardless of who is your personal favorite, the last three pages will kill you.

Kill you.

Like you were involved in a company-wide cross-over.

Kill you.


They seriously killed off Bart to bring Wally back? The twist on this better be really fucking good. Better than just bringing back Barry Allen. Seriously. And we had to wade through all of that excrutiating JLA/JSA cross-over to get to this point? Although, having the Legion of Superheroes be the ones to bring back a Flash was good. We'll see.

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