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18 June 2007
Fastest Book Alive

This weekend was Father's Day weekend, so I had more important things to do than sit on the internet, hitting the refresh button on my browser over & over again, in an attempt to get the news from Wizardworld.

It was only this morning that I heard the news, and all I have to say is...


Seriously, fuck you, DC. Fuck you Bob Wayne & Dan Didio. Fuck. You. Mark. Waid.

This new Flash series was just starting to get good! You know how long I've waited to see Bart's moment in the sun? You know how long I've waited for this book to finally come out?

Since I was 13, motherfuckers! Since I was buying Impulse, another one of the few ongoing comics that I KEPT BUYING when no one else was. And when it was cancelled, what did I get?

I got Young Justice starring baby Lobo.


Now as exciting as it is for fans to see Mark Waid helm the book again, I have to admit that it doesn't really do anything for me. Sure his run on The Flash was great, all those years ago, but isn't it somebody else's turn? Isn't it time we got over this very slim minority of internet assholes who just troll the message boards screaming "WE WANT BARRY BACK!!", even though these fuckers weren't even alive when Barry Allen was the Flash?

Fuck you! You took away Wally. Now you're taking away Bart? Have we loyal Flash fans done nothing for you DC? Have we not tried our damndest to ensure that whoever it is behind the red and gold, that The Flash remain one of the cornerstones of the DCU? Don't we fans of Bart Allen deserve something for sticking with The Flash, Impulse, Young Justice, and The Teen Titans?

The only thing that might make this news bearable for me, is that Waid is writing the new series, entitled All-Flash. "All-Flash"? What could they mean by that? Don't they mean "All-Star Flash"? Like the proposed All-Star series featuring Barry Allen? Or do they mean....

We'll see, Waid. We'll see, Didio. Let's see how long you can keep me faithful to this book when you're disappearing all my favorite characters in the DCU. We'll see if All-Flash can serve the same purpose as The Flash, as the only mainstream superhero DC book I continue to spend money on each month. We'll see...

UPDATE: Wow. I just re-read that post, and I only now realized how unnecessarily harsh that sounded. So I apologize guys. I love you Bob Wayne. I love you Dan Didio. And, I especially love you Mark Waid. If not for you, we wouldn't even have Bart. Just warning you guys, no matter what the internet says, there are some hardcore Flash fans out there (not Barry fans, not Wally fans, not even Bart fans; Flash fans). I've been reading the Flash since the days that I was able to buy my comics with saved-up pocket change. I lamented the end of Impulse. Be careful, Mr. Waid. I know you have a handle on the legacy and the characters, but sometimes wanting to go beyond that is what seperates a good comic from a great comic.

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