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07 June 2007
Black Summer #0 (Quick Review)


This book is so dense it hurts my face. Eight pages of comic story, six of which are tightly packed, dense-as-hell nine panel grids.Juan Jose Ryp's art is thick as hell. Each line is pitted against the others, and each panel/illustration is just visually packed with information. The illustration used for the wrap-around cover is a perfect example of Ryp's dense style, and in combination with Ellis's writing...

Argh! It hurts!

The fact that Ellis was able to squeeze this much information into eight pages of comic story is testament to his level of skill, which I don't think anyone at this point was still disputing. God. It reads like the first paragraph in a J.G. Ballard novel. This comic will fuck you up.

I guess I'm buying the rest of the series, even though I didn't have any particular interest in following this story before.

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