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22 May 2007
Marvel Solicits for August 2007

Ok, so following up Eli's post about Marvel's new pro-tentacle porn stance, here are three quick thoughts on Marvel's solicitations (I'm not even touching the Captain America cover, because I still maintain that Brubaker is the Jay-Z of the spandex set, right now).

Ok, is it me or do all the covers for World War Hulk make the "event" just look flat-out retarded. Be that as it may, these covers look more intriguing than any cover that's come out from Marvel in the past year or so. I mean, the Hulk can take down Blackbolt? What the hell is that about?

New Fucking Thor!

This new book by David Lapham, Terror, Inc., looks as equally as "innovative" as World War Hulk, but, judging from this cover, will be worth it because it appeals to my worst childhood obsessions - futuristic weaponry, rotting corpse as anti-hero. Plus, David Lapham, not writing an continuity heavy, tie-in book? Sign me the fuck up!

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