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18 May 2007
The IMDB just brain-pwn3d me!!

Those of you who knew me, know that I have a tendency to become momentarily fixated on things. Some people call them "obsessions". I don't like to refer to them as such, simply because the word "obsession" insinuates that these fixations last over an extended period of time. "Momentary fixation" or "momentary infatuation" tends to sum up my condition the most appropriately.

Around the years 2003/2004 (the year Eli and I shared a house) I have quite a few fixations that my roommates were more than well aware of. The two most prominent, aside from my daily experiments in finding new ways to ingest Ramen, were David Cronenberg's 1981 film Scanners and the Timmverse Justice League cartoon. I had even brought along VHS tapes I had painstakingly editted, of redesigned Batman: TAS episodes not yet available on DVD (you think that's nerdy, you should have seen the VHS "best-of mix" I made for Eli the following year).

Little did I realize at the time, however, that three years after the fact those to specific fixations would collide into a frenzy of... Oh fuck it.

Michael "Daniel Revick" Ironside (pictured left) did the voice work for "80s Batman" in the amazing "Legends of the Dark Knight" episode. For those unfamiliar with the episode, the basic premise is that three children recant vastly different interpretations of the "mythylogical" Batman. One being based on the Batman of the 60s, the other being based on the "grim-'n-gritty" Batman of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returs, and the other just being a boring old shadow monster with pointy ears & fangs. Most notable about this episode, other than the fact that Ironside's Batman is so amazingly dead-on, is the barely obscured back hand directed towards Batman Forever/Batman & Robin director Joel Schumacher.

Even more amazing than this particular tidbit, was the fact that Revick...I mean, Ironside also did the voice for Darkseid in the final seasons of the Timmverse Superman, Justice League, and of course Justice League Unlimited. This of course explains why every time I watch the series finale, my nose bleeds a little.

Ironside seems like quite the accomplished thespian. Of course, by "accomplished thespian" I mean NERD. This in no way is meant to invalidate his career. In fact, I had no idea he had bit parts in some of my favorite childhood films, like Top Gun, Highlander II, and The Next Karate Kid - which was the film debut of another giant set of teeth, I mean thespian, Hilary Swank. Also, Ironside was in V. You can't beat that.

Right now it looks as if I may have to print out this IMDB entry and just hit up the local video store, making a weekend of it.

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