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24 May 2007
30 Signs That You May Qualify as a Nerd

So after reading this, I came up with a few very painfully obvious indicators that you have begun heading down the inescapable path towards a nerd. Keep in mind that all of these things, save for one item, are ripped straight out of the pages of my own life.

  1. The majority of your CDs are Japanese importted OSTs.

  2. Your contribution to any conversation among friends following a viewing of the newest big-budget Hollywood super hero adaptation always starts with "See, in the comic book..."

  3. You still watch Smallville.

  4. You were a regular viewer of Veronic Mars, but had a crush on Mac instead of Veronica.

  5. Similarly, you were a regular viewer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but had a crush on Alison Hannigan instead of Sarah Michelle Geller.

  6. The most used tag used in your account is "comics".

  7. The most used tag used in your account is "manga".

  8. The fact that you even have a account.

  9. Attractive women/men making reference to Star Wars excites you sexually.

  10. Attractive women making reference to Star Trek is par for the course.

  11. You know what Go-Rangers are.

  12. You know who Captain Harlock is.

  13. You lay awake at night thinking about the differences between Macross & Robotech.

  14. You lay awake at night thinking about who would win in a fight - Hulk or the Thing.

  15. You lay awake at night thinking about who would win in a fight between Superman & Thor, but then quickly assuage your concern by reminding yourself that it doesn't matter since they exist in two separate universes.

  16. Your dream job is working in the Gundam super-store in Osaka, Japan.

  17. You know that next week's new comic book day is Thursday, not the usual Wednesday.

  18. The underwear you've been wearing for the past few days begins to smell like a Port Authority bathroom.

  19. You get emotional over thinking about Newsarama's lack of an RSS feed.

  20. You use the terms "pwn3d" or "IRL" regularly.

  21. In a moment of emotional & psychological weakness, you begin to think that Welcome to the NHK is actually an anime adaptation of your life story beamed into your television/computer from the far-off future.

  22. Your other car is a TARDIS.

  23. You have a sci-fi/fantasy/comic book/LOST blog.

  24. Your summer job throughout most of high school was working the rennaisance fair, and you "score chicks" by making Lord of the Rings references.

  25. You continually get into heated arguments with complete strangers because they don't understand that the Flash is the greatest super hero character of all time.

  26. You have at one time in your life compiled a list longer than 4 entries, of your favorite Flashes in descending order.

  27. You regularly use the Justice League track jacket you bought at the last comic convention as a conversation starter.

  28. You wish that the Justice League track jacket you bought at the last comic convention could actually get you laid.

  29. Any of the items on this list made you laugh out loud in that "It's funny because it's true!" kind of way.

  30. Shortly after laughing, any of the items on this list make you cry in that "It's sad because it's true..." kind of way.

This one goes out to you Mallet. I may not be white, and I may not be over-weight, but I'm still a complete nerd through-and-through. We stand united, brother.

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Blogger timi fashions said...
while i am offended by the inclusion of my personal experiences for #24, if you've got it, flaunt it.