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11 April 2007
Ding Dong
Eli will be MIA for the rest of April. That leaves the relatively minuscule amount of posts here down to one man - me.

I've been so super busy with work, and caring for my two cats, that I've had hardly any time to write/blog about anything, nor have I had sufficient time to make any kind of headway through my ever-growing Reader list.

So on that note, I'll just mention a few "quick" things:

  • Something seems to have been up with my regular store's Image shipment.  All of last week's books all got in a week late (that means last week's Image books and this week's Image books were received today, Doogie Howser).  That means, I didn't get my copy of Mike Allred's new Madman comic until today. 

  • For those of you paying attention, that means that I'm very excited about this week's pull.  I admit that I indulged myself a bit this week, but with me pulling two copies of Invincible and X-Factor, plus a copy of Powers for Eli, I figured I might as well get almost all the books I want for myself and I'll have Eli foot the bill later. 

  • Ooh, new episode of Lost tonight.  That means all comic reading and kitten petting will promptly cease at 9:58 PM.
  • Does anyone know when the hell Ivan Brunetti's new collection is coming out?  Nobody's been talking about it, and I have no idea when Fantagraphics ships things, or when my store would order it.  They're often too busy whenever I go in there to answer my inane questions about "When is Book X coming out?"
  • Also, when is the new issue of Mome coming out?  I thought it should have been out by now, but again, for the reasons above I'm pretty much operating in the dark.
  • Have I mentioned that I think Ivan Brunnetti is an absolute genius?
  • Reason # Infinity why I hate Adrien Tomine: that shit is fake!  You're upset (well, actually it's your characters, but I assume it's you too) that your girlfriend doesn't talk to you?  Anders Nilsen's girlfriend doesn't talk to him because she's DEAD!!  Meaning, your heartache is affected and disingenuous to the point of inspiring nausea.

  • That Weezer poster you did all those years ago was awesome, though.  Too bad I can't stand Weezer anymore either.
  • Why is it that whenever I tell anyone the story about how I witnessed some woman getting robbed by a gang of big angry teenagers on the subway, the question everyone asks is, "And you just stood there?" or "And nobody did anything?".  Take into account that the entire episode occured within 1.5 - 2 minutes and also BIG ANGRY TEENAGERS.  They could have been concealing a switch blade or a laser torch or something.  I don't know.  I've already admitted to being a coward many times, so don't get all self-righteous on me.
  • Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with Doctor Who right now?  I mean, I've been a fan for a while, but with no regular broadcasting of a contemporary series, it was hard for me to keep up.  So, in the event that the current series runs out of steam, may I propose a Doctor Who comic drawn by Ed Templesmith? This image has been my computer's desktop for days now and I just can't help but stare at it constantly.
  • This post has not turned out to be nearly as "quick" as I intended it.
  • I can't decide whether I'm excited about Warren Ellis' new Doktor Sleepless series coming out on Avatar.  I love me some Warren Ellis sci-fi (newuniversal is my absolute favorite, if not the best, example of modern SF in the comics medium right now, and it's a friggin' Marvel book), but I just can't jive with that name.  "Sleepless"?  I also can't say that I've been wowed by any of the stuff he's been putting out on Avatar recently.  Even Black Gas and that has zombies in it.
  • Can someone please send me a still or screen capture of Rich Johnston as a zombie from Shaun of the Dead?  I've rewatched my DVD of it maybe 6 times this past weekend, constantly pausing it every time I see a zombie with long hair and/or a beard.  Alternately, Chris Martin as an evil creature of the undead is incredibly ironic to me.  Have I mentioned that I can't stand Coldplay?
  • That's all you get.  I'm going back to work.  If I feel like it, I'll blog about the books I got.

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