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24 April 2007
Did I ever tell you about how I actually considered joining the seminary?
It's true.

I thought about it.

That dude above might have been me (aside from the whole, resentment towards the Catholic Church for screwing up my psyche that I still maintain today).

Towards the end of high school (I attended a Catholic high school), a lot of my teachers began trying to recruit kids into the brotherhood, stating that the church would pay for their education after a certain amount of time, etc. etc.

Very similar to the Army's recruitment strategy.

They didn't court me though.

The Marines did.


Really hard.

Anyway, none of this is neither here nor there.

If you are a big follower of the inter-net, you may have seen some items about the Catholic Church using manga-sytled comics about real people's experiences in the seminary. Seems like an innocuous enough recruitment strategy, even with the reputation Christian oriented comics have gotten from Chick Publications, but I honestly believe that the Catholic Church is a slightly different animal (read: The Death Cookie by Chick Publications). Yaoi jokes aside.

Anyway, I just couldn't let go of this particular quote:

"Cartoons, particularly Manga-styled ones, are a good way of reaching young people, even up to the age of 25," says Father Embery.

Because there aren't 30 year old "otaku" who live in their mom's basement, reading Death Note all day and fansubbing anime.

It's a good thing that most of my comic-reading friends are under the age of 25.....

Oh wait, that's not true.

I feel surprisingly guilty now.

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