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28 March 2007
Why's Everybody Got to Hate? #1
Why's everyone got to hate on the Supergirl movie? The Internet has been referencing it a lot lately (I'm not quite sure why), but it's constantly being referred to as "awful" or "embarrassing" or "better forgotten". As a kid, I actually really liked the movie.

Sure it doesn't stand up to the Superman movies, but neither do a lot of movies. I mean Batman Begins doesn't stand up to Memento, and Spiderman doesn't stand up to Evil Dead, so what's the fuss?

Can't we just celebrate Supergirl? I mean, if we can re appropriate and celebrate other terrible movies, can't we do this for Supergirl? I mean, it's not like it's as bad as the Supergirl comic book, and I'm sure it's not nearly as bad as the 300 movie was either.

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