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14 March 2007
Quick Post About Nothing in Particular
Is it wrong of me to say that David Mazzuchelli is the greatest Daredevil artist? According to the new issue of Backissue, it's not.

Newsarama has a snippet Philippe Cordier's new article showcasing some of the "ungsung heroes" who worked on the book.

This particular snippet talks about some of the great artists who worked on the book during Frank Miller's tenure as writer, including Klaus Janson, David Mazzucchelli, and John Romita, Jr.

In a completely unrelated note, the Daily Crosshatch uncovered this:

That's right kids, the cover to Tony Millionaire's upcoming Maakies collection due out this May.

Apparently the Cross Hatch Kids want you to keep it a secret so... SHHHHHH!

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