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14 March 2007
yet another issue of fifty-two that focuses almost exclusively on a single story and, yet, manages to change locations about twenty-five times in it's twenty-two pages. an enjoyable read. these last few weeks are really making the previous months worth it. but, having given the book a positive comment, i've also been feeling like this book is light. it's thin. there's so much going on that nothing feels important. i didn't really give a shit that the black marvel family died and i didn't care that it fueled black adam's rage. just didn't care. but i liked watching him do it. (looking at him do it?)
fifty-two reads like comics from my eighties youth (and this issue looks like one). the only problem with this is that i've grown, and comics have too, since that point. i'm not saying there's no place for stories like this (just look at the brave and the bold, older school, but fun), but the big-deal-everyone's-watching-event book seems like a better place to push for the future. though now that i've articulated that, i realize what a poor business decision i'm suggesting.
either way, i've enjoyed fifty-two up until this point, ignoring that lull in the teens, and hope for the best in it's ending (which, in a story like this, is actually hoping for the worst. i mean, look how much death there's been already.), but i still feel like it's fluff and nothing more. mmm, fluff.