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09 March 2007
#0 (A letter to the Internet)
Dear Internet,

Believe it or not Resontence was not supposed to be a comic book blog. Originally, that's what Josh and I had Dead Sidekick for. But after months of posting, it became painfully obvious that Josh and I were approaching our subject matter from very different angles with varying levels of enthusiasm. After a while I began posting comics related stuff on my personal blog, thinking at the time that it made more sense to consolidate all my blogging to one site since no one was reading it anyway. My love and appreciation for the comic book medium in all its various forms, was a very personal thing after all. Eventually comics began to take more and more of my blogging efforts, and as my posts became more impassioned, they seem to have become more topical to other fans. All of a sudden posts about my computer giving me problems or the stresses of a 9-5 job seemed inappropriate admists a sea of posts about why I still think the Flash is my favorite super hero (whoever carries the mantle) or my ever-growing crush on Derek Kirk Kim.

So here we are. A blog, with very personal leanings, about comic books. And hopefully, only comic books. I'll try not to bore you with non-topical posts about Science Fiction, literature, or music, unless directly related. Together, with my trusty side-kick Eli (who I expect to never actually post), I'm hoping to tackle the daunting task of expressing openly comic book appreciation.

The blogosphere, especially in terms of comic blogs, seems to be steeped in negativity these days, and I'm hoping to offer something a little different. I still believe, wholeheartedly, that things like that are very very important, and I implore you to please read other comic book blogs that offer a wholly different perspective on the medium, and if I see bullshit, I'm still going to call whomever on it (this is still the internet after all), but instead of complaining about company-wide crossovers I will probably try to take a different approach and talk about why or why not they do or don't work for me, personally, and beg you to buy Brian Chippendale's Ninja.

And yes, I'm pretty sure "non-topical" is not a real word.

To be clear, I love comics. I've been reading them for as long as I can remember. I feel no need to differentiate between formats or genres. I like super hero stories. I like Manga. I like science-fiction and I like horror. And yes, I also like wanky and non-wanky "independent" stuff. So expect to see posts about all of those things.

I hope you're well, Internet, and please tell your family that I send my love.

Sincerely yours,


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Anonymous Loren said...
Yay! Can't wait for more!